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If You Experience Any Of These 6 Signs You are Just An Option Not A Priority

These 6 signs that show you are just an option, not a priority, can be very glaring in a relationship….

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These 6 signs that show you are just an option, not a priority, can be very glaring in a relationship. However, sometimes we play blind to these signs because we are afraid of getting hurt emotionally.

When two people are in a romantic relationship, certain things are naturally expected of them; they are expected to love each other, be there for each other, support one another, and be a companion to one another. But in a situation where one party fails in their duties, there is a problem in such a relationship.

One of the reasons for this could be the partner is not fulfilling their end of the deal. This means he does not see the other as a priority but rather as an option.

Sure, there will be times when health, job, family, and other things might be momentary of importance, but if you continuously feel like you are a second option or the last, the truth is wrong.

Here are 6 signs that you are just an option and not a priority.

1. You are the one bringing together the relationship

A relationship is supposed to be a union of two people working out things together, planning, implementing, and executing plans concurrently. They are supposed to be a team.

However, if your case is different from this, if you are the only one doing all the organization in the relationship, if you are the superior one planning and executing plans, you are not a priority but an option in the relationship.

2. You are always the compromising one

For a relationship to thrive, sacrifices must be made by the two people involved. Be it time, needs, or even decisions, and sacrifices must be made. Still, if in your relationship, your partner never compromises anything for the growth of the relationship; instead, you are the only one doing the compromising. Then it is a glaring sign that you are not a priority in the relationship but an option.

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3. You are the patient one

When you need something or attention, you have to be patient with your partner to get it or give it to you, but they need something or attention; they want you to leave everything and attend to them.

When it comes to matters that concern you, they preach the gospel of patience, but when it comes to matters that concern them, they do not want to hear patience. That shows that you are an option and not a priority.

4. They spend time with you when they wish-  6 Sign you are an option, not a priority

You are not a priority if your partner only comes to you when he feels like and not when you need him. He chooses other peoples’ company over your company and only comes to you when he is free.

He/she is comfortable discussing with other people more than he is with you. If you try to do the same with him, he flares up and whines with frustration.

5. You rarely go out on dates

If you are in a relationship with someone that finds it difficult to take you out on dinner dates, parties, and other social gatherings, he/she only enjoys the relationship with you within the confines of your room. You are not a priority to him in that relationship.

Instead, you are an option. However, if it a mutual agreement for you two to stay indoors, it is okay, but if it is not, then there is a problem.

6. They are always giving you excuses- 6 Signs you are an option, not a priority

Whenever you have plans, they always bring up reasons to cancel. They are still busy with one thing or the other and have no time for you.

My dear, you are an option in such a relationship because if someone wants a relationship with you to work out, they will put in the effort.