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5 Things You’ll Never Be Able To Hide From An Empath

Empaths read not only words and actions: they are also in-tune with the psyche of people around them, with more…

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Empaths read not only words and actions: they are also in-tune with the psyche of people around them, with more profound sensitivity: they sense others’ thoughts and feelings, even when people try as much to hide them all from empaths. For empaths, these feelings are often not voluntary, thus putting them into a difficult situation.
Find out in this video some of the things you can never hide from an empath.

 A Gift with a Bad Intent.

Empath finds out quickly when they are showered with gifts with bad intentions. If you are dealing with an empath, always have a clean and pure intention when offering them a gift. Never try to bribe or poison their mind with offerings. They will surely find you out.

Your Emotions.

It is normal to feel down yet putting up a smiling face, and you will get to convince others that you are very much ok. But for an empath, you can’t do that. Emotions cannot be hidden from them. They see right through you. So the best thing to do is to open up, they will surely understand and help you out.

Your Motives.

Giving empaths the wrong motive is as same as ruining your relationship with them. This does not go down with them smoothly. They tend to see beyond physical appearance; in other words, they see through the heart. Empaths can understand if someone is dishonest with them. But as honest as they are, they don’t get to tell people quickly when they wrong them. So even if you think you had fooled empaths, they usually know the truth but do not tell you that they know.

Lying About Something Big.

While we may say or act in a specific way, it is important to note that empaths are never the kind to be lied to. Even the greatest liars act differently when they are telling a lie. You can get away with little lies, but when it comes to something big, it is better not to lie about it. An empath will surely know the truth, and this gift helps them discern whom to trust and whom not to trust.

Going Behind Their Backs.

This is a big no-no, whenever you get to know empaths, don’t ever go behind their backs to plan whatever. You will get a terrible backlash unless it is a birthday surprise, still, they get to know before it is done.
The smartest thing to do is to be open with an empath, never try to fool them because they definitely know the truth in every event, but sometimes they don’t feel like letting it out.
Having empaths as friends is a rare opportunity, appreciate their gifts, and be honest with them.