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5 Signs You Have Become A Bulletproof Empath

Bulletproof Empath has redefined empathy in a new light. In comparison, under-developed empaths are often used as the doormat for…

By Moses , in Empathy , at February 10, 2021

Bulletproof Empath has redefined empathy in a new light. In comparison, under-developed empaths are often used as the doormat for manipulative people to achieve an end.

However, the bulletproof empaths still possess empathic traits like their sensitivity, compassion, and understanding but do not show emotional weaknesses known in other empaths. They strengthen their emotions and don’t always act base on impulsive feelings.

Some key traits of the Bulletproof empaths are: setting boundaries, saying no when necessary, and self-care. If you’re an empath and wish to be more bulletproof against all odds, note these signs of bulletproof empaths and focus on practicing them to become a tougher empath.

1. You don’t hesitate to say No – Signs You’ve Become A Bulletproof Empath

Unlike other empaths who find it difficult to refuse someone who asks for help even to their detriments, the bulletproof empaths know it’s essential to help people. Still, when it’s not favorable or convenient for them, they can very well refuse and say no without feeling bad or afraid of being judged.

Also, they won’t give in to those who want to judge them for saying their minds. They know the limit they can go to and won’t hesitate to stick to it. They don’t go beyond their limit for anyone.

2. You know what you want

Most times, regular empaths are confused about their choices. With their heads stuffed full with the people’s needs much above their own, it’s not hard for their needs to be buried under the pile of their numerous to-do lists.

The bulletproof empath, however, knows what they want. They give themselves enough time to figure out what they want and don’t let people influence their choices or make it seem their needs are unnecessary.

When they need to step out from ‘helping the world,’ they put other things on hold and meet their needs. They know self-care is an important factor determining how they help people, so they make sure of that.

3. Not shy to ask for their needs- Signs You’ve Become a Bulletproof Empath

As said earlier, bulletproof empaths prioritize their needs and seek help when necessary. Other empaths feel it as a burden asking people for help; most times; they avoid it. However, bulletproof empaths are vocal about their needs.

They’re not asking anything in return when helping others, but they’re reasonable: I help people, why can’t I ask them to help me too? And they get the help they want.

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4. They set and defend their boundaries

Bulletproof empaths don’t just allow anyone to step in and out of their life; they set boundaries to prevent this. It makes them avoid toxic interactions and users who see them not as people with feelings but only as a means to an end.

People around them know that they’re compassionate, but they don’t permit any and everything.

5. Defend their inner sense of self

Most empaths are soft natured and have a shaky sense of self. They’re bombarded by manipulators who see their helpful nature and aim to use them continuously to their advantage.

A Bulletproof empath knows how fragile the heart of an empath can be. So, they do their best to keep their inner space to avoid interactions that may want to dictate their life.