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5 Best Careers For INTP Personality Types

Are you an INTP? Here are careers  INTP personality types can enjoy doing. The INTP personality types like to solve…

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Are you an INTP? Here are careers  INTP personality types can enjoy doing.

They have little or no interest in organizational traditions; instead, they prefer to create their path. They do not like being limited by rules, and they prefer the theoretical soundness of their ideas than they are with practical applications.

Here are the five best career paths for the INTP personality.

Computer Technology – Careers For INTP Personality Types

The world of technology is a perfect place for the INTP. Technology is like bedrock to the INTP career because even those who are not in the technology sector still nurse an interest in computers on the side.

This strong affinity between INTPs and technology allows them to exercise their thinking skills in perfect synchrony with their high level of creativity and desire to experiment and create.

Some INTPs get a better understanding of computers more than they understand people.


Careers in the science world are also a natural choice for INTPs. You cannot select the aspect they love and the aspects they do not love. They are naturally drawn to anything that has to do with experiments and understanding nature.

They love the opportunity to build specialized knowledge in their field of choice, the aptitude to concentrate at length on intricate, abstract ideas, and most of all, the experimental process of scientific experimentation.

Anthropology or Archaeology, Economics, Environmental Science, Epidemiology, Medicine, Microbiology, Physics or Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, Urban or Regional Planning, Mathematics, Statistics are a few scientific fields the INTPs are naturally drawn to.

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Business- Careers for INTP Personality Types

This is another career aspect that draws the INTP naturally. The INTP has a natural craving for things that will make them think and look for solutions; they are always trying to solve one problem or the other.

Developing business ideas and making them come to reality brings joy to the heart of the INTP. They love anything that will spur them into getting their creativity and ideas to the real world.

Business is one way of bringing your ideas into reality. Accountancy or Auditing, Financial Analysis, Management Consultancy, and Market Research Analyst are some of the careers that the INTP loves.


INTP personality types are naturally drawn to defending people. This is because the INTP can use his/her analytical instincts in this field to the fullest. Also, these analytical skills set the INTP aside from other personality types that aspire to practice law.

This unique skill is what makes them be able to analyze problems quickly and solve cases. A true INTP finds it challenging to lose cases because they have outstanding analytical skills in everything they do.

Arts and language

Some INTPs concentrate their creative dispositions on a career in the arts. With crafts, they can showcase their emotions and feelings, thoughts, and ideas to the rest of the world.

Even though, naturally, even an INTP working in an artistic field still finds a way to use their analytical side in their work. 

Overall, INTPs find joy in music directing or composing, production or directing, Graphic designing, photography, technical writing, or college professor.