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10 Ways Empaths Can Protect Themselves.

Most people who have strong empathy have experienced a psychic attack; it can be very unbearable, making them feel overwhelmed and exhausted. But what is a psychic attack actually?

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Most people who have strong empathy have experienced a psychic attack; it can be very unbearable, making them feel overwhelmed and exhausted. But what is a psychic attack actually? It is the kind of discouraging message (conscious or unconscious) that is delivered from one individual into another. The purpose is to inflict conflict in the middle of a person’s mind or the family involved.

Often, it comes from dark thoughts that arise because of anger, envy, jealousy, or other negative emotions. The conflict can be in the forms of physical, emotional, or spiritual. Even though most empaths experience this thing almost too frequently, many of them still don’t realize this, or how they can deal with these psychic attacks. It becomes harder when the one who triggers a psychic attack is inclined to be someone who has a strong connection with the empath, like family or friends.

The thing about being an empath is, sometimes it’s not an easy task to perceive between our own emotions and those of others’. It’s already hard enough to balance those emotions, let alone recognize things that come in the form of psychic attack. It’s no wonder that many empaths can barely recognize that.

A mindful attack happens at the moment when people purposely have the intention to jeopardize the other. If you ever heard of these, you may compare it with witchcraft, occultism, and spells. It is commonly believed that the psychic attack isn’t merely about the subjected person, it is related to the weak point of the doer. It is also typical to continuously have those actions of bullying.

After realizing how bad it is, it’s better to protect yourself from this psychic attack, right? Especially if you’re an empath, you feel so uncomfortable with it, in the level that you can no longer bear with it.
It’s also advisable that you should try to seek some professional help. But basically, implementing all of these things, no matter if you are an empath or not, is never wrong.

These are some ways empaths can protect themselves;

Associate with your emotion.(Empaths can protect)

Naturally, other’s emotions are something that really catches the attention and feeling of empaths. Most likely, they tend to prioritize others than themselves when it comes to empathy. But, protecting yourself from a psychic attack is barely successful when you don’t focus on yourself in the very first place. It’s essential to associate with your emotions, understand your feelings, and fulfil your needs.

Take care of your physical and mental health.

It is impossible to protect yourself without concerning your physic and mental health. It can be done through surveilling energy exposure and a balancing diet. For some people, mental health means taking care in the spiritual realm too. Follow what your belief said, keep yourself clean and tidy, and try meditating regularly for at least once a day can be an excellent start.

Control your energy.(Empaths can protect)

Don’t stay inside the circle of friends where the members always gives you negative vibes. People who are inhibiting this characteristic is well known as energy vampires. They deliver their vibes into people around them, but the only thing that comes in their mind is nothing but themselves. An empath should try to distinguish themselves by associating with emotion which brings a positive impact. Either way, it’s not your duty to continuously make your surroundings happy.

Keep your living space tidy.(Empaths can protect)

It is essential to maintain the living space to always be full of positive and constructive energies that empaths tend to deal with regularly.

Crystal cleansing and aromatherapy can be your best mechanisms which are effective enough to cleanse the negative energies inside the locations where you spend the most time.

Salts are also highly efficient to cleanse the circumstances around your home and develop it into a healthier space every single day.

 Do not be ashamed to seek professional guidance.

It can be in the term of spiritual guidance, guardian angel, friend and family who care, or anyone. It can be your best way to stop the psychic attack and gain additional protection. Remember, this is not the last option; you may seek professional guidance anytime you feel like it.

Withstand from replicating the actions which comes from attackers.

Don’t send the same vibes or thoughts to those who break you down. Besides the fact, it doesn’t bring any good to you, it only drains your energy even more. So, it is completely useless.

Raise your awareness.

Keep your eyes open for any possibility of the psychic attack as soon as you feel something unusual is coming. This preventive action is crucial if you want to minimize or erase the impact of the attack at all.

Send positive and constructive views.

The one who always tries to attack you is the weakest one. Instead of altering your thought into anger, fear, or hate, it’s better for you to spread the sense of compassion to these people, no matter if they appreciate it or not. This kind of love, light, and blessing can make it easier for the attacker to analyze and contemplate their evil intentions.

Be aware of what happened inside your mind.

Whenever the one who wants to attack you comes inside your thoughts, you may create a vision where you are pouring into them with the purest radiance of the universe. Transform the way this radiance is delivered by thinking about it being delivered not in the same ways. This way, you’re more aware of your mind, and you just prevent yourself from producing negative thoughts.

Stay strong.(Empaths can protect)

Another essential thing to keep yourself safe from the impact of this attack is through maintaining your emotion as steady and stable. Recognize your fears and mental issues where the primary purpose is to treat them. This protection keeps the impacts of absorption towards any negative vibes to be as less as possible. Consulting your condition to a counsellor or physician may ease your burden as well.