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10 Signs You Should Notice If You’re Getting Bad Again

Are you trying to overcome severe depression? Here are signs you’re getting dad again to pay attention to and avoid Depression…

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Are you trying to overcome severe depression? Here are signs you’re getting dad again to pay attention to and avoid

Depression relapse is the repeated occurrence of depression. It happens when individuals do not effectively manage a previous depression. Hence, they start experiencing another.

The 10 signs that indicate you are going down that path and getting bad again, and if not checked, may experience depression include;

1. A Feeling of Helplessness and Hopelessness

There’s this feeling that nothing will ever get better. You never have any positivity or hope, and most times, you’re always expectant of the worse that is yet to come.

Furthermore, you feel hopeless. You’re unable to do anything; you find it hard to do anything without feeling insecure.

2. Mood changes

Your mood is unpredictable and changes so quickly. It ranges from sadness, hurt, pain, anger, bitterness, fear, always lingering on dark emotions.

You can’t even feel happy with the things that you have; it just seems that you have fallen into a hole that you can’t climb back up.

3. Anger- Signs You’re Getting Bad Again

You get pissed at any little thing for no reason and always feel agitated.

Also, you may even start thinking about volatile behaviors: punching at things and people and getting easily irritated. You can’t tolerate people. You even get angry with yourself.

4. Nervousness

This is another sign that shows you’re getting bad again and may soon slip into depression relapse.

You always feel on edge, afraid, and nervous.

Even more, a feeling of dread overwhelms you, making you scared of your own shadow. You may always want people to be around you because you’re unsettled and feel worried that something terrible will happen.

5. Self-condemnation -Signs You’re Getting Bad Again

This is another one of the major signs you’re getting gad again that you should definitely not ignore.

Most times, you always see faults in what you do, and you feel not good enough. Your mind becomes an inner critic, and if you continue listening to this, you will begin to hype your imperfections, making them big monsters that you can’t fight. Soon you lose your sense of self and esteem.

6. Lack of Concentration

You begin to go duller and lose focus.

Also, the desire to learn and know is dwindling, and you have trouble focusing. So, you become sloppy, permit mistakes, have trouble sticking to your goals and lose interest in things.

7. Reckless Behaviors

As a way of managing your emotions, you begin engaging in reckless actions and throw caution to the wind. Gradually losing your self-discipline, you begin to act recklessly.

Overall, some of the reckless actions you engage in include overeating, under-eating, drunkenness, poor hygiene, keeping bad company.

8. Withdrawal -Signs You’re Getting Bad Again

You no longer enjoy the company of people again because your thoughts are preoccupied, and you lose interest.

Even more, engaging in simple conversations can seem like an effort. Most times, your mind always wonders.

You don’t see the need to share your burdens with your friends, so you stay clear, avoid confrontation, and let your thoughts overwhelm you.

9. Pains

Physical symptoms can also indicate depression. Body aches ranging from backache, stiff joints, ulcers, constant headaches, etc. If they persist after treated regularly, it could be a red flag of depression.

10. Tiredness

If you always seem to get tired, even when you’ve not done anything thing tasking. 

More so, little things tire you out. You even feel it hard to drag yourself up from the bed. You literally have to force yourself before you can achieve anything.